Woodland Park Weather

 Latitude N 38° 59' 53"    Longitude W 105° 03' 03"    Elevation 8555 ft

This page shows a summary of the data for Yesterday up to midnight local time.

Temperature and Humidity
High Temperature 55.0 °F at 2:07pm 
Low Temperature 32.0 °F at 12:20am
Temperature Range 23.0 °F  
Highest Apparent Temperature 46.6  °F at 2:03pm
Lowest Apparent Temperature 24.7 °F at 12:20am
Low Wind Chill 30.2 °F at 1:20am
Highest Humidity 22 % at 11:20pm
Lowest Humidity 16  % at 3:50am
Rainfall Yesterday 0.00 in  
Rainfall Rate Max 0.00 in/hr at 12:20am
Highest Gust 21.5 mph at 2:45pm
Highest Speed (10 minute average) 9.3 mph (F3) at 2:16pm
Wind Run 86.2 miles  
High Pressure (SL) 30.04 in at 12:20am
Low Pressure (SL) 29.93 in at 2:25pm
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